Mining Dashboards

About the Data

Demo data provides you with insight into the sort of data MobiCycle collects. Here, we focus on the relevant data around the management of electronics and electricals for Scope 3 emissions, biodiversity and pollution in the mining sector.

Scope 3 data

Mining suppliers should ideally be a member of the Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI). The dashboard reflects the countries of origin for the common minerals in your EE supply chain, along with the largest refiners and processors. You can also view a map of the supplier's open pit mines for which permits exist.

Biodiversity data

The map also shows your exposure to suppliers who mine in areas of high biodiversity. We look for changes in indigenous vegetation, new construction of river dams, rehabilitated pit lakes, restored lakes, indigenous tree planting, the ratio of resident versus migratory bird species, wetland policies, remote and undeveloped areas, endemic, native vascular plant species. We flag suppliers for which a majority of their mines lie in biodiversity hotspots.

Pollution data

We assess dust pollution, monitor toxic lakes and tailings in ponds, toxic sludge, and thermal power plants, as well as the percentage of funds spent on activities unrelated to the environment.

3rd party data integrates data generated from your operations, purchased from third parties such as MobiCycle Tech or collected from your downstream suppliers. Develop your strategies around data that measures impact. As Scope 3 emissions reporting matures, we need to move beyond simple yes/no questions, or even questions of materiality. A range of data sources allows you to focus on value creation. Stakeholders want ESG programs to go beyond the identification and management of risks. They want to make an impact and that means soliciting feedback from a range of sources.

Your operational data

Supply chains are subject to increased scrutiny. The journey to impactful electronics management begins within your organization. Protect your brand from claims of greenwashing. Consider how data from HR, Supply Chain, ERP systems, and even corporate sustainability reports can build a story around your processes. Less than 4,000 of global leading companies publicly disclose emissions. Finally, show how the data you collect fits into an overall strategy. For example, Tesla was removed the S&P 500 ESG Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) due to its lack of a carbon strategy. Publicly disclose your goals, your plans to achieve your goals and the methods you will use to demonstrate sucess or failure.

Your purchased data

Perhaps you purchase data from ESG Data providers. This data can be useful for competitor analysis, and to fill in gaps that your suppliers are unable to provide, or simply to confirm what they have reported to you. We can integrate this data with your data or present it on its own. For example, ESG Book provides Scope 3 emissions for over 30,000 listed corporates, covering the majority of top global indices. And over 250 financial institutions globally are collaborating on a project to disclose emissions generated by their investments and loans. The PCAF disclose the suitablility of their financed emissions. You can access emissions data for your electronics and electricals supply chain if the supplier has listed equity and corporate bonds, like common stock, business loans and unlisted equity, lines of credit used for capital expenditures and project finance, like loans used to build a bridge.

With MobiCycle's technology solutions, you can further contextualize your data. Gauge opinion about your performance on sustainability, as it relates to electronics and electricals. Bring in sustainability descriptions and definitions to help make sense of the data you are seeing. Boost your dashboard by embedding virtual reality. Bring in environmental policies to add further context to the data. If you purchased Where are WEEE?, you can view that data on MobiCycle Consulting's dashboard as well as on the Where are WEEE dashboard.

Template data provides you with insight into the sort of data MobiCycle collects. You can upload data relevant to Scope 3 emissions data, biodiversity and pollution for electronics and electricals. Not sure what to put into your template? You can review other templates such as the Extended Minerals Reporting Template (EMRT).

Our standard template asks for line number, data and time information, text description, numerical information (usually beginning), numerical information (usually ending), type of visualisation. You can also request a custom report.