About EE Suppliers

Less than 20% of suppliers disclose their Scope 3 emissions - eventhough these emissions account for 66 to 90% of their overall emissions. Emissions are often represented by carbon dioxide but super gases can be thousands times more powerful. A global standards board, the ISSB, recently voted to make Scope 3 reporting mandatory. In the US, the Securities and Exchange Commission is expected to announce mandatory reporting in early 2023.

Our consultants will need to retrieve data from your internal departments and contact your suppliers. MobiCycle's consultants will require a level of trust from procurement. With procurement's buy in, MobiCycle can engage all relevant parties with confidence. We need to address the elephant in the room - transparency can unearth uncomfortable truths.Your procurement officers may feel defensive. Of course they want to prioritize the ESG targets while achieving value for money. But their smaller suppliers may lack the financial or human resources to provide the necessary data.

The supplier data may also reveal counterproductive or unethical practices. Any inefficiences or bad practices unearthed by MobiCycle, should not automatically result in procurement's censure, suspension or termination. We wish to avoid a reputation for getting people fired; or, for creating adverse consequences in exchange for their cooperation. We want to build a culture where procurement feel your suppliers' poor practices are their problem, too.

On a more positive note, if your organization is large and trades on public markets, upstream suppliers are even more likely to respond to our requests. Downstream suppliers want to retain your business, and so are likely to respond in time and in full - provided they hold the relevant information. Ultimately, the best outcome is one in which your suppliers manage electronics with little or no negative impact on the biosphere.